Both Alan & Estelle have been keen photographers for most of their lives,
however, they both got very serious about it back in 2003 whilst on a trip to New York where they were both introduced to the Digital camera concept.
 Since then they have produced some truly inspiring photography pieces,
Alan however, took a different direction in 2006 & began concentrating on Video and Animation.
Both Alan & Estelle were trained by Apple from 2006 to 2016 and reached a
point where they wanted to put their collective knowledge to good use.
They are also both Google Trusted Street View Photographers and are recommended by Google to businesses for professional hire.



Every business we work for starts with us listening to you, we want to hear about your company, what you do & how you do it, your goals and your expectations for the future.

Once we understand who you are and what you want to achieve, we decide on a strategy to make it happen.

We choose every photo and every frame of film with you and your business in mind to ensure that we get your message across in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Alan Gillett Taking a Photo of a Sunset in Brighton
Alan Gillett
Photographer & Videographer
Martha, The DJI Inspire 1 UAV
Martha, (Alan's Baby)
The DJI Inspire 1
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Estelle Gillett
Photographer &
Online Advertising guru
Estelle Gillett taking a picture of the Sunset on Brighton Pier
Both Alan & Estelle are Google Trusted Level 5 Photographers & Guides.
This is the highest possible level and means that Google recommends them for hire to businesses.
Alan is a Google Trusted Level 5 Photographer & Guide.
Estelle is a Google Trusted Level 5 Photographer & Guide.
I am Alan, I love technology and like nothing more than immersing myself learning new things and reaching new levels in what I do.

I love my photography and I do still do a considerable amount, especially 360° Photospheres, however, my true passion is Videography.

I am an avid Scuba Diver and a qualified pilot which gives me three types of video footage to shoot:
Air - Land & Sea.

Most of the footage I take is produced for leading Internet based stock sites, so the chances are, if you watch television, you've probably seen some of my work already.

My name is Estelle & I have been a keen photographer for almost 40 yrs since I was a teenager.
I have earned the title of Google Street View Trusted Photographer and love helping businesses update their listings on Google Maps.
I have been taking 360 degree Photospheres for Google for a couple of years now and have kept up to date with the technology advances in Virtual reality (VR)

Alan & I travel around the world as much as we can and I am constantly updating my image library whilst learning new ways to catch the next beautiful image that will tell a story or give you a desire to visit that place.

I want everyone to experience the places I have visited and if they cant be there in person then at least they can be there in the spirit of my Photographs.

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