Are you in need of a new website?
Maybe you're current website is out of date?

At AEG 360° we can help.
We provide our website clients with a
modern, self editable, user friendly platform,
that comes complete with One to One personal training.
We use 123.reg websites for our clients, as well as for ourselves.
123.reg websites have proven to be some of the best user friendly websites
 I have come across in my many years of working with Websites & SEO.
These websites have endless possibilities with no extra costs.
Picture of how a Restaurant website will look on all devices
Picture of how a Car Repair website will look on all devices
How our websites look on all devices whether a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone.
You can choose your design by colour or by profession, the choice is yours.
Picture of how a Veterinary website will look on all devices
Picture of how a Technology website will look on all devices
The website platform we use allows easy access and really simple editing.
We supply full training on how to edit your website within the cost of building your new website.
There are No hidden extras either, your new website will come complete with all the latest functionalities.
Picture of how an exclusive Restaurant website will look on all devices
Picture of how a Carpenters website will look on all devices
No matter what your business is, we have a website template design that will be a great ambassador for you.
It doesn't matter whether you want a website that has just a couple of pages or 100, your new website will be everything you need and more!
Our website has been built from a 123.reg template and it has everything from video to 360° images embedded into it, there is literally nothing these website templates can't do.
Picture of how a Wedding or limousine website will look on all devices
Picture of how a Fish & Chip website will look on all devices
You will have the peace of mind that your new website will use the very latest technology, over time this will improve your search rankings & generate you more organic business.

Website Design

123.Reg have produced many templates using professional designers, and because the editing system is so advanced, it means any of the templates can be changed to make it your own.
With unlimited pages you can have a website as small or as large as you want.
The current up to date technology also means that your new website will be collapsible, or in other words it will work on any device – smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Website Build Prices:

Because our websites are both Template based and Bespoke it is difficult to price a unique website build, however, allowing a budget of £650.00 for the build and training, then approximately £10 per month for the hosting would be a good place to begin.
These costs would cover a website build that required between 6-8 pages and 2 x One to One training sessions.
But don't worry, if you would like us to manage your site, we can do that too.
Please talk to us to discuss your requirements in more detail.
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